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Collective exhibition, Gemünd (Germany)
June - October, 2022

exp allemagne - Copie.PNG

Collective Exhibition

Collapse Gallery, Wenatchee, WA USA

December, 2019


2010 - present

2010 - present

Exhibition in Paris, France

July, 2019

Collective Exhibition in Kranj, Slovenia

July, 2019

Collective Exhibition in Perugia, Italy

April, 2018


Collective Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland

September, 2018

Collective exhibition in Egna, Italy

December, 2018

Photo: Max Heinz

Solo Exhibition in Lyon, France

February, 2017


Solo Exhib in Lyon

May, 2017

Collective Exhibition in Milano, Italy

September, 2017


Collective Exhibition in New York, USA

December, 2017

Collective Exhibition

Lyon, France  December, 2016

Solo Exhibition

Lyon, France   July,  2016

Solo Exhibition

Lyon, France  January, 2016


1067 Mind invasion International collage show

Observer Building, Hastings, UK   December, 2015

Collective Exhibition    Caluire, France  June, 2015

Bestiaire: L'Animal dans tous ses états



Design by Martin O'Neill

Collagistas Festival

Tabya Art Space, Thessalonique, Grèce    May, 2015




 Solo Exhibition  Lyon, France

June, 2014


Crédit photo: Ph B

Collective Exhibition 

Berlin, Germany    May, 2014

Crédit photos : Michail Jahn

Collage: Stefan Scheider/ Heike Weber

Réalisation affiche : Isabel Reitemeyer

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