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Featured in the French Magazine She Gazes

Female body and censorship in social networks.


Photo Caroline Ruffault

Illustration for 7faces magazine, Brazil

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Illustrations for Lothian magazine, Australie

Featured in A Part magazine, Paris, France

Winter 2019

Featured in Mulieris magazine, Italy

Fall 2019

Featured in the Steidz, Paris, France

Fall 2019

Featured in Buho Necro Editorial, Mexico

August, 2019

Featured in  "Collage by Women. 50 Essential Contemporary Artists"

Cover design

February, 2019


Featured in Beacon , Portland OR, USA

December, 2018

Featured in Beacon, Portland, OR , USA

October, 2018

Featured in Urban Life, Australia

February 2017

Featured in Wotisart ? , UK


Featured in Average, London, UK

Featured in Let's Panic, New York, USA

Feaured in Z2A A Collage Alphabet

By Allan Bealy (Benzene Editions, USA)

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