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Featured in Why Collage by Agniezka Zajac, Poland/UK

Numérisation_20240209 (3).jpg

Featured in What kind of collage is That ? By Katie Blake, USA


Collage Dé collage Kunst Forum Eifel, Germany

Expo allemagne.PNG

Coollage A closer look, Wilco Art Books, Netherlands

persfoto boek Coollage (Tintenkillers).jpg

Edinburgh Collage Collective   Play and Record

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 She Gazes, France

Female body and censorship in social networks.

Illustration for 7faces magazine, Brazil


Photo Caroline Ruffault

Screenshot_2021-01-14 Revista 7faces.png

Illustrations for Lothian magazine, Australie

 A Part magazine, Paris, France

 The Steidz, Paris, France

 Mulieris magazine, Italy

 Necro Editorial, Mexico

Collage by Women. 50 Essential Contemporary Artists
Cover design


 Beacon , Portland OR, USA

 Beacon, Portland, OR , USA

 Wotisart ? , UK


 Average, London, UK

 Urban Life, Australia

 Let's Panic, New York, USA

Let's Panic USA - Copie.jpg

 Z2A A Collage Alphabet
By Allan Bealy (Benzene Editions, USA)

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